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Green Bush Tea

AfriTea is a company processing green (unfermented) bush tea from Athrixia phylicoides, found on the eastern foothills of the South African Plateau.


Athrixia  is sustainably harvested in the wild and is 100% organic


The aroma and taste of green bush tea is very pleasant on it's own, or as a blend with other teas, including rooibos and honeybush. 



The best way to brew loose green bush tea leaves, is to heat the teapot and slowly pour boiling water over the leaves, allowing them to unfurl. Their flavours will release after about 4 – 5 minutes. Use 2.5g loose tea for every 250ml boiling water. The leaves can be reused 2 -3 times. It also makes a refreshing iced tea.


The health benefits of bush tea that have been common knowledge in South Africa for generations, have now been confirmed by science. Benefits include antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal, anticarcinogenic and antioxidant properties.  


Bush tea contains no stimulants (caffeine). Scientific data also confirms that it is non-toxic and safe to consume. 

There is also a strong traditional belief in its aphrodisiac and slimming benefits.


The athrixia plant is also widely used to make brooms, but sometimes broom collectors harvest unsustainably by pulling out the roots, leading to a decline in the natural population. The plant’s natural regeneration depends on a disturbance-recovery ecological system, allowing for cutting of the stems and the natural wildfire regime.

An Alternative Tea for Everyone

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